LPG Conversions

Have you been considering converting your vehicle to LPG to save on running costs? At Mitchell Service Centre our LPG conversions specialist, John, has been converting vehicles to run on cost-effective LPG for more than 20 years. With unrivalled industry experience, we take pride in being able to offer the most superior LPG conversions, servicing, repairs and advice in the region.

Preferred installers for most LPG suppliers

Based on John’s extensive background in LPG, we are also the preferred installers for most of the leading LPG suppliers, in conjunction with being a trusted provider of factory LPG conversions for vehicle manufacturers.

Complete range of LPG automotive services and repairs

Whether you need LPG servicing, repairs, alterations or upgrades, we offer all of these services and more at Mitchell Service Centre. You can also see us for system diagnosing, tuning, cylinder retesting, as well as hose and pipe work installations.

LPG Certificates

If you are planning on registering or transferring ownership of an LPG fuelled vehicle it must be inspected and certified by a licensed LPG inspector. You can see John at Mitchell Service Centre for all your LPG inspection and certification needs, such as annual gas certificates for LPG powered vehicles. John also provides a Certificate of Compliance with any LPG conversion he’s fitted, to prove the installation is in safe working order.

LPG Brands

We only use top quality brands for all of our LPG services at Mitchell Service Centre including: Impco, Vialle, BRC, Prins, Peel, Landhi, OHG, OMVL, BOEMO and Elko. This ensures our installations and parts offer superior performance and are able to withstand long-term wear and tear in a range of conditions.

LPG Tank Testing

LPG cylinders must be tested and certified every 10 years under national safety regulations. For your convenience, Mitchell Service Centre also provides in-house 10 year testing and certification of gas cylinders.

For your total LPG conversion and cylinder testing needs, you can rely on Mitchell Service Centre. We’re fully licensed to perform a complete range of LPG automotive services and offer competitive rates and safety compliance on every installation, service or repair we undertake. Due to our extensive industry experience, we can offer fast turnaround times on our LPG conversions, servicing and repairs.

Contact our friendly team at Mitchell Service Centre to arrange for an LPG conversion, certificate, servicing or repairs today. You can also make an online booking via our website.