The skilled and experienced team at Mitchell Service Centre provides only the best clutch servicing and repair services at the best prices, guaranteeing quality parts, workmanship and attention to detail.

Is your clutch slipping, chattering or just not working right, or do you think it just needs a check? Signs of a leak? Clutch pedal going to the floor? Having trouble changing gears or getting your car moving? Mitchell Service Centre is here to help.

We offer only the best advice based on knowledge and experience.

From replacing a simple clutch cable all the way through to whole clutch kit replacements and upgrades, we have you covered and can do the job on site and on time.

Mitchell Service Centre’s clutch services also include:

Clutch slave cylinders

The clutch slave cylinder is connected to the master cylinder, and when you push the clutch, brake fluid flows to the slave cylinder and builds pressure.

We can expertly inspect the clutch master and slave cylinders and seals, check the operation of the clutch pedal, bleed the air and check for leaks and the condition of the fluid, and if necessary repair or remove and replace the parts.

Clutch replacement

Mitchell Service Centre can replace or upgrade your entire clutch system with only the best knowledge, skills, experience and quality OEM or aftermarket parts.

Machining of flywheels

Mitchell Service Centre can organise expert flywheel machining to enhance and extend clutch life, to ensure seamless operation.

Solid flywheel conversions

The flywheel stores rotational energy, and many people – particularly those who enjoy off-road driving or competition – choose to switch from a DMF (dual mass) flywheel to a solid flywheel to prevent stalling and maintain RPM. Solid flywheels wear less and are more reliable, and at Mitchell Service Centre we have you covered if you want to make the switch.

Mitchell Service Centre

If you’re in the Canberra region, Mitchell Service Centre is a local, Mitchell-based repair, fitting and machining service. We service the Gungahlin and surrounding areas for all your clutch servicing, repair and upgrade needs.

A failing clutch system can cost you in poor fuel economy, poor performance and wear on other drivetrain components. So to let specialists ensure your car is safe and performing at its best, give us a call to book in, to have a chat about any of our clutch services, or to get your clutch system checked, fixed, replaced or upgraded.