Suspension and Steering Repair

A vehicle’s suspension system is something most drivers take for granted. However, after supporting the weight of your car over the knocks and bumps of daily driving, the shocks will eventually wear out.

Many believe that suspension and steering is only about having a smooth ride, and that suspension repair isn’t as important as brake maintenance or oil changes. However, a badly worn suspension system can have a serious affect on a car’s handling.

The following are some things that may indicate the need for suspension repair:

The vehicle rides rough

most individuals can tell their struts or shocks are wearing out after they have started feeling each and every bump on the road, or when all bumps are causing the vehicle body to bounce.

Pulling or drifting during turns

with a failing suspension system, your vehicle will pull or drift when turning. This means that the shocks aren’t keeping your vehicle’s weight distribution centred while cornering.

Nose dives or dips when stopping

if the shocks are worn out, the vehicle body will lurch down and forward when applying the brakes.

Uneven tyre treads

balding spots or uneven tyre wear indicate that the suspension is not holding the vehicle evenly and has subsequently effected the wheel alignment.

Damaged shocks

if the shocks look oily or greasy it is likely that they are leaking fluid. This can be particularly serious if leaking suspension fluid comes in to contact with your brake assembly.

The importance of your vehicle’s suspension system

Manufacturers design the small rubber bushings to allow flexibility within the vehicle’s suspension system while ensuring proper mounting and alignment of all suspension components. The bushes ensure proper positioning of key components such as the shock absorbers, sway bars, control arms, and torsion bars.

The rubber bushes also increase overall comfort when travelling, help produce a smooth ride, and aid in cornering. Worn bushes affect the vehicle’s tyre wear, braking and steering system. Checking bushes should be part of your vehicle’s annual safety inspection.

Steering system repairs

Your vehicle’s power steering system is complex; it requires regular maintenance but is often overlooked. This system consists of a power steering pump, bearings, drive belts, hoses, seals and valves, all of which can fail over time, without much prior warning.

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