Why is it important to have your car’s electrical system serviced?

In addition to vital aspects of your vehicle, like the alternator, battery and starter motor, newer models of cars also feature sophisticated computer systems which control the brakes, steering and overall handling of the vehicle, adding complexity to the diagnosis of electrical faults.

To troubleshoot your car’s electrical components, the mechanics at Mitchell Service Centre will use specialised diagnostic equipment to access the vehicle’s management system, pinpointing the causes of any electrical faults. The electrical services we provide include:

• Inspection of the battery’s connections and ability to hold charge
• Examination of electrical components and, if necessary, the fitting of replacements
• Diagnostics to highlight any electrical issues with the engine

The starter

The starter is situated at the front of the transmission system or at the back of the vehicle’s engine, and cranks the engine up to idling speed when the ignition is engaged. You should have the starter tested to ensure that it is drawing the right amount of current and the internal coils are in good condition.


This is the vehicle’s electrical charger. It has several parts contained in an aluminium housing and generates direct current for the vehicle’s battery recharging. It also helps in powering the other electrical loads while the engine is running. At every oil change, you should ensure that the mechanic has checked the alternator’s drive belt. A loose alternator belt may highly reduce the output, increase wear and even run down your vehicle’s battery. In addition to this, modern vehicle alternators are controlled by the vehicle’s computer and quite often specialist equipment may be required to monitor its performance.

Have the vehicle’s charging system serviced annually. Poor headlight strength, poor starting performance when the weather is cold, or the dreaded dashboard battery warning light all indicate that the vehicle might be having alternator problems.

The battery

The electrical system’s core, it primarily supplies power to the ignition system and starter. It also provides the extra power required when the electrical load has exceeded the alternator supply. Our mechanics will check the battery plus its connections at each and every oil change. Also, remember it’s good practice to replace your battery every four years.

The other electrical components

Our mechanics can service all electrical components of your vehicle including power windows, power steering, headlights and the other exterior lights, defroster, and the windshield wipers.

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