Looking for a mechanic you can trust for regular servicing? Mitchell Service Centre provides comprehensive servicing for most makes and models of vehicles. We are the local service centre for Gungahlin, Harrison, Watson and the surrounding areas and offer log book, minor and major servicing, as well as brake and clutch servicing, depending on your vehicle’s needs.

Log book servicing

So that you don’t void your new car warranty it’s essential to undertake regular log book servicing. At Mitchell Service Centre we only use genuine parts while your vehicle is under warranty and ensure your service book is stamped and dated to certify a log book service has been performed.

Brake and clutch servicing and repairs

If you’re finding your clutch is sticking or your vehicle is not stopping as quickly as it should when you apply the brakes, it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle into our service centre to see if you need brake or clutch servicing and repairs. We offer comprehensive brake and clutch servicing and repairs. Our experienced mechanics use top quality Bendix brake pads and offer machining onsite.

Minor servicing

At Mitchell service center we provide both minor & major services as well as manufacturer’s log book servicing, to keep your vehicle maintained in optimal condition. Minor servicing generally involves changing engine oil and filter, checking fan belts and hoses for condition and security, a safety inspection including but not limited to:

  • brake check and adjustment
  • suspension check
  • tire condition and pressure check
  • a fluid level check and top up as required

We offer servicing for both private vehicles and commercial fleets and are happy to arrange scheduled servicing on request at regular intervals.

Major servicing

Depending on how many kilometers your vehicle has traveled, it may be due for major service. This type of service is more extensive than a minor service and includes, but is not limited to:

  • all the items included in a minor service
  • spark plugs
  • fuel filters
  • brake fluid
  • diff and gearbox oils

Our service center also offers full engine management diagnostics and repairs, with our Coda total diagnostic center, scan and reset tools onsite. This enables us to be able to assess your vehicle if we are alerted to irregularities during servicing.

Different vehicles have different requirements so for the best advice talk to our friendly team at Mitchell Service Center!