General & Log Book Servicing

A log book service gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is always in top condition.

A log book service is a comprehensive service recommended by your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Ensuring you keep your log book service up-to-date gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is in tip top condition, safe on the roads and ensures your vehicle’s statutory warranty is valid.

The manufacturer’s warranty sets out requirements that owners must comply with before they will honour the warranty for your vehicle.

Your vehicle log book, normally located in the glove box, holds all the details about your vehicle’s service requirements up to the first 200,000 kilometres. It briefs your auto mechanic about how services need to be conducted, how often they need to be completed and what to inspect.

As the vehicle owner, it should be a priority to make yourself familiar with the content of your log book so you have complete understanding of your vehicle’s servicing requirements.

There is a common misconception among many Australians that new vehicle owners must get their log book service to maintain the warranty at the manufacturer’s service centre or where they purchased the car. This is not the case, as of 2010, changes to the consumer law were instigated, which now means you are permitted to get your vehicle serviced by any registered automotive service centre you choose.

Mitchell Service Centre has been servicing the Canberra region for over two decades. Their certified personnel have the in-depth knowledge to service your vehicle and will always use genuine parts where required to safeguard your new vehicle warranty and ensure your car is operating safely and economically. But that’s not all Mitchell Service Centre offer.

When you book a log book service with Mitchell Service Centre, we will ensure:

• Your vehicle is serviced to logbook requirements, as stated by the manufacturer
• Your logbook is stamped
• The manufacturer’s statutory warranty is maintained
• You get a comprehensive written report on any faults that may be present or any issue that may need addressing at the next service
• Only genuine parts are used when required for replacement
• Service with a smile!

We provide log book servicing on all vehicle makes and models at competitive prices.

Don’t delay! Whether you’re a company with a fleet of vehicles that need regular logbook servicing or a family who just want to ensure their car is roadworthy, call and book your logbook service today.