Have you noticed excessive blue smoke pouring out of your exhaust or your vehicle’s oil consumption increasing? These are often signs that you’re experiencing engine trouble. Other signs range from oil leaks through to your engine overheating or lacking power. If you notice any of these telltale issues occurring with your vehicle, bring it in to see our engine specialists at Mitchell Service Centre. We offer a complete range of engine diagnostics, engine replacement and repair services for most makes and models of vehicle.

Engine management diagnostics

As it’s often difficult to determine what part of your engine is functioning incorrectly when there are so many different components, Mitchell Service Centre is equipped with a CODA total diagnostic centre. We also have the latest scan and reset tools available to assist us with our engine repairs. Our experienced technicians receive regular training on the newest diagnostic technologies being introduced, to enable us to more quickly and efficiently assess your engine concerns.

Engine removal and replacement

Whether you’ve experienced major engine trouble and need a new engine. Our mechanics at Mitchell Service Centre offer engine removal and replacement services. We have the industry expertise and knowledge to undertake these technical services, so you have peace-of-mind your engine has been replaced and fitted correctly.

Our team are also happy to advise you on whether they believe an engine replacement is the best alternative for your vehicle, depending the age of the car, price of the services and availability of a replacement engine.

For all your engine servicing, diagnostics, repair and replacement needs, make a booking with our team at Mitchell Service Centre today. You can also email us with any queries.