A differential is an important part of your vehicle’s engine that helps with final gear reduction to slow the rotational speed, and transmits power to the wheels so they rotate at different speeds.

If you hear a whirring, whining or howling noise when your vehicle changes speeds, it could be a sign there is a problem with your differential.

If this is the case, it is important you give a mechanic a call, like us at Mitchell Service Centre, so we can take a look at the problem for you immediately. If you leave the issue too long, your vehicle can become difficult to drive.

Replacement of a differential

If your differential is making driving uncomfortable, or is extremely whiny, it could potentially damage the gears by overheating. In this scenario, we might make a suggestion to replace the differential. However, first we will see whether it’s possible to service it, change the oil and repair anything within the existing differential to fix the problem, saving you money.

For any replacements we do decide to undertake, we will only use the highest quality parts, so you can rest assured you are getting brand new parts that will last, put into your vehicle. But for any replacements, we will discuss the work with you before we carry it out.

Oil change in a differential

It is important your differential is kept well oiled so it protects the gears from overheating and burning. We generally recommend you get your differential’s oil changed roughly every 50,000 km or manufacturers specifications to keep your vehicle operating at its optimum capacity.

When we change the oil in a differential, we will check the fluid level/condition, signs of metal debris which is a sign of wear, inspect for leaks in the housing, and then fill it with fluid.

If needed, we will also install a new gasket, but we will consult with you about this beforehand, so you are aware of any potential costs.

Getting an axle seal

Without the proper equipment, it can be quite difficult to replace an axle seal on your own. This is why we offer the service – for your convenience we can change your axle seal without fuss and have your car back on the road in no time at all.

If your axle seal is leaking, it means fluid is being lost and this could result in the differential or transmission becoming damaged. If you notice any leaks, make sure you give us a call, so we can get on top of the problem and prevent further damage to your vehicle.