Fuel injection

In order to keep your vehicle in good working condition, it is necessary to ensure that it receives regular and adequate fuel injection servicing. At Mitchell Service Centre, we pride ourselves in providing fuel injection maintenance as part of a wide range of car repair and service solutions.

What is fuel injection?

A vehicle’s fuel system requires regular cleaning due to the accumulation of carbon deposits and dirt. From the first time your engine is started, your fuel system will inevitably collect dirt and carbon deposits. These deposits will affect the safety and effectiveness of your vehicle if you fail to take action. A fuel injection or injection servicing effectively cleans and checks your fuel system. Your owner’s manual will specify the recommended times to service your vehicle’s fuel system and it’s important that you adhere to these recommendations. Keep in mind that this is not a job for an amateur; it requires a professional car service centre.

When is fuel injection servicing necessary?

Injection servicing is essential to maintain and optimise your vehicle’s performance. Failing to service your fuel system can result in many problems with performance. For instance, problematic acceleration, lurching, stalling of the vehicle and faulty fuel mileage are some of the problems that car owners face when adequate fuel injections/servicing are not carried out.

What happens during fuel injection servicing?

Depending on the type of injection service being performed, the service will clean the fuel injectors and throttle; remove carbon from the combustion chamber and intake manifold; apply a pressure test to the fuel pump; test for exhaust emissions and check all connections in the system. At this point any faulty parts can be identified and replaced.

What are the benefits?

Car owners benefit greatly by ensuring their vehicle receives regular fuel injection servicing. One of the main benefits is the amount of money you save by keeping the fuel system in your car clean. Vehicles that do not receive timely fuel injection services accumulate long term damage that requires large amounts of money to effectively repair. Keep in mind that the cost of regularly servicing your vehicle is far less than the cost of these repairs. Furthermore, effective fuel injection servicing will keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensure your peace of mind.

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