Gearbox and transmissions

The gearbox is one of the hardest working parts of your vehicle. With the engine of your car operating at a relatively narrow speed range, the gearbox’s job is to convert the engine output to torque and speeds practical for driving.

Due to the nature of the gearbox system, friction and heat generation can occur; lubrication fluids, bearings and shafts in the gearbox are designed to counteract these threats. However, as time progresses, the fluids tend to become dirty, meaning the gearbox becomes less effective. This is why it’s vital to consult an expert, such as Mitchell Service Centre, to service your vehicle’s gearbox at regular intervals.

Theoretically, you should consult a mechanic regarding your gearbox every 25,000 to 50,000 kilometres you drive, depending on many factors. However, this will depend on your driving style and whether or not you use the car for towing. If in doubt, consult your manufacturer’s recommendation, since some vehicles require more attention than others.

What our servicing involves:

• Draining the gearbox/transmission fluids
• Inspecting the fluids for sludge evidence
• Inspecting and replacing filters as required
• Filling the gearbox/transmission to the manufacturer’s recommended level
• Inspecting the drain plug and fit plug fitness
• Checking for wear and leaks on the seals
• Checking the clutch operation
• Checking the shift lever bushes
• Testing to check the serviced gearbox working

Types of gearbox

There are two primary types of gearboxes manufacturers use to power transmission. They are:

Manual transmission gearboxes

In this form of transmission, the driver selects the gear ratio or the speed ratio manually, using the clutch and the gear stick.

Automatic transmission gearboxes

The driver only selects the general vehicle conditions, which include forward, park and reverse. The selection, the engagement and timing of gear for the needed speed is accomplished automatically when the driver presses or depresses the accelerator. Automatic transmission does not require a clutch pedal or a gear lever.

Automatic transmission gearboxes are often more complex in their make-up than manual gearboxes, so, in theory, problems are more likely to develop. However, for complete peace of mind, you should take your vehicle into a garage to ensure everything, including fluids, bearings and shafts, is working as it should.

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